The Monroe Palm Springs Makes Green Imprint Quickly

The former America's Best Value Inn has a new look and eco-friendly bent

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Many Coachella Valley hotels have adopted sustainability in exciting and inventive ways.

We’ve checked in to some of our favorites and see what they have to offer.

We’ll be highlighting one hotel a week, and throughout this series you’ll read about everything from herb gardens to beauty products made through ‘green chemistry’ to vehicle charging stations, and lots more.

So sit back, relax, and come along on our eco-friendly vacation.

This week: The Monroe Palm Springs

The Monroe Palm Springs, formerly America's Best Value Inn, may be one of the newest hotels in town, but they didn’t waste any time going green.

General Manager Denise Detrano fills us in on their reuse and recycle philosophy, which included repurposing wood that would have otherwise been discarded during the hotel’s renovation.

When did you first introduce eco-friendly features and how did you start?
“It was always the intention of the owners to be an eco-friendly hotel. From the start, and as part of our business plan, we strived to be a green property.”

Do you receive many comments and how do guests react?
“We haven’t had as much feedback as we thought we would. That being said, eco-policies remain important to many of our guests. For example, towel and linen reuse programs that a number of hotels employ. Many guests don’t mind if their sheets are not changed every day, or if they have to reuse their towels. When a room attendant changes their sheets even though the guest did not request it, environmentally conscious guests sometimes get upset because the room attendant did not follow the green practice and was ‘not being environmentally conservative.’ Believe me, folks will let you know if you do not practice what you preach.”

What qualities do you think are most important to male guests?
“Since the hotel was only recently rebranded as The Monroe Palm Springs, the biggest response from our guests so far has been that we used wood that came out of the old rooms and repurposed it to create amenity trays as well as the recycling and towel bins around the pool.”

What qualities are most important to female guests?
“For women, it’s all about the type of products that we are using, including our amenities and our choice of laundry and cleaning products.”

Can you tell me about the most unusual eco-related request you’ve ever received?
“I haven’t yet experienced an outside-of-the-box request. Most folks are just happy to see that we are thoughtful and responsible about the environment. While we may not have reinvented the wheel, we are doing our best to be green and socially responsible. This includes recycling trash, purchasing products that are manufactured with recycled materials, and conserving energy wherever possible.”

What’s your favorite eco feature?
“Recently, we partnered with Eco Green Supply, a local distributor that provides cleaning and laundry products to the hotel. Not only are these products green, they are affordable, work very well, and smell great. Each of them is made from natural ingredients and they contain no harsh, toxic chemicals—like phosphates, nitrates, enzymes, or chlorine—and so those who have allergic reactions to conventional cleaners usually tolerate them. Furthermore, since we are a pet-friendly facility, we want to make sure our products are also pet safe! I am truly excited to introduce this line at the hotel. We finally have a green product that is cost effective and an excellent option.”

Any changes or additions coming up?
“We are hoping to soon participate in a soap recycling program called Clean the World.”

The Monroe Palm Springs, 1900 North Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, 760-322-3757

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