Desert Island Bar

The Penney & Parlour Opens at Desert Island

Newly opened to the public, Desert Island Country Club features an ingredient-driven clubhouse restaurant you ought to try.

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Desert Island Bar

Established in 1971, Desert Island Country Club in Rancho Mirage has recently been re-envisioned by conceptual artist Miguel Nelson and is now open to nonmembers for golf, dining, and … mischief!

The newly renovated clubhouse boasts The Penney & Parlour restaurant and lounge, helmed by renowned chef Jon Butler (previously at République in Los Angeles), presenting ingredient-driven, seasonal menus. “I work closely with farmers in Southern California to highlight the best available produce of the current season,” Butler says. “We use that produce to create an ever-changing menu leaning toward classic flavors but also audacious ones for guests who are feeling more adventurous.”

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Desert Island also offers a library of rare spirits, a cocktail lounge and piano bar, a ballroom, an art gallery, and a tournament golf course with artisan on-course refreshments.

“We’re providing an alternative to the conventional clubs here,” Nelson enthuses, “an escape, with a touch of 20th-century glamour and indulgence.” It’s this easy-going roguery and self-effacing demeanor that makes it seem likely that Nelson encourages the shenanigans that are whispered about by locals and members alike.

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