The Sexiest Chocolate Desserts

So rich, so decadent ... What are you waiting for?

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Over the Rainbow Cupcakes  
The ancient Mayans are known for a number of contributions to modern society, but none is more cherished than the combination of chocolate and chili peppers. Over the Rainbow Cupcakes’ Chef Roman Blas has crafted his own take on the ancient indulgence by creating a Chocolate Jalapeño Cupcake. It boasts a dark cocoa jalapeño base, chocolate buttercream, and is topped with a fiery burst of jalapeno. One bite will send your pulse racing.
1775 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Ste.150, Palm Springs.

The Palms Café
Warm, gooey, and moist, The Chocolate Moten Lava Cake at The Palms Café is a cocoa eruption. It’s served with vanilla crème Anglaise to cut the sweetness, but it’s as amazing as the cake it accompanies.
69930 Hwy. 111, Ste. 120, Rancho Mirage

There’s nothing more sensual than creamy chocolate and velvety cheesecake as they gently blanket the taste buds. To experience this sinful combination, order the NY Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache at Crave. It’s a rich treat for those who dare to devour it.
390 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs.

Exquisite Desserts Chocolate Decadence
Chocolate Decadence from Exquisite Desserts

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Exquisite Desserts
A trip to Exquisite Desserts is sure to up anyone’s daily caloric intake, but those extra pounds offer more of you to love. Give in to culinary temptation with the Chocolate Decadence. The delightful combination of cake garnished with berries and chocolate shavings showcases Chef Samantha Ward’s mastery of the featured ingredient.
77682 Country Club Dr., Ste K, Palm Desert.

Pomme Frite
Fall head-over-heels for Pomme Frite's Belgian Chocolate Mousse. This dessert is a fluffy and tempting marriage of chocolate with a pistachio crème Anglaise. One spoonful will transport you back to those childhood days when sweets still tickled your tummy.
256 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs.

Lappert’s Ice Cream
Craving Island flavors? Try Lappert’s Kauai Pie ice cream. It consists of Hawaiian macadamia nuts. Kona coffee ice cream, dark chocolate fudge, and toasted coconut. Its texture is so milky and luscious, you won’t mind eating this frosty treat during the cold desert night. For an added kick, order yours with a shot of espresso.
130 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs.

Lulu California Bistro
Head downtown to Lulu and dive into the Chocolate Fondue. The white and dark melted goodness tastes great paired with cake and fresh fruit. This heavenly treat serves two or more, so bring a loved one and a hearty appetite.
200 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs.

Clementine Gourmet Marketplace & Café
In France, Pains Au Chocolat or Chocolate Croissants are consumed for breakfast or a light snack. Break apart the flaky, buttery layers of pasty to reveal a melted filling of exquisite semi-sweet chocolate. Devour this delicacy any hour of the day.
72990 El Paseo, Palm Desert.

Café des Beaux-Arts
A brilliant Valentine’s Day dessert doesn’t have to be made of solid chocolate. Try the Chocolate Profiteroles at Café des Beaux-Arts. This dessert consists of two choux puffs stuffed with silky vanilla bean ice cream, then drizzled in warm chocolate sauce and garnished with fresh berries. Enjoy yours after a romantic dinner.
73640 El Paseo, Palm Desert.

Sherman’s Deli & Bakery
Pastry cream is perhaps the greatest export Bavaria has given the world since BMWs. Sherman’s folds its recipe for the golden custard between layers of cake and tops it with a chocolate ganache that can only be described as the most divine Boston Cream Pie in the desert.
401 E. Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs.

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