thick as thieves palm springs

Oh No, I’m Going Boho

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Shopping

thick as thieves palm springs

I’ve never been to the Coachella music festival or burned sage in a smudging ritual, and the few maxi dresses I own are more mod hostess than flower child. Still, walking into the newly expanded Thick as Thieves boutique south of downtown Palm Springs instills a smudge of hope that it’s never too late to unearth my inner bohemian goddess. She must be in there somewhere.

Owners Samantha Caltagirone and Jeremy Smick are married makers who run this shop tucked in a 1920s building while simultaneously producing beauty products, candles, and one-of-a-kind pillows. Having opened in 2017 after relocating from St. Louis, they recently liberated their back-room event venue (known for its macramé ceiling) to double as additional retail space.

A campfire-scented candle envelops the store with warm nostalgia. Pieces made by human hands beg to be handled, from African mud cloth and Middle Eastern rugs to a clothing line made by Japanese sisters in Hawaii. Jewelry and home goods by local artisans add a regional bent. House Beautiful named this cozy den “one of 50 Best Home Stores in America.” They get my vote for authentic inventory that is purposeful, ever changing, and a tonic to mass-produced trappings

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