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ASID Project Runway – March 23, 2010

ASID Project Runway - "An American Girl"Mimi Tibbs
Interior Designs by Mimi
Jeffrey Kobes
Interior Design Solutions
"An American Girl"
inspired by American Tan III, 2006-2007 – Gary Hume

"Jeffery Kobes"… Teaming up with "Mimi Tibbs" to create: "An American Girl." We chose inspiration from the bronze American Tan III by Gary Hume. Seeing what could be interpreted as a "poof" on the sleeve of a well poised arm, we worked to base our overall design not only on the shape and form of the chosen piece, but to imbue its colors as well. Blue, Gold, and even the Bronze from the sculptures base come into play. Starting with the slender form of a sleeve, we choose to design a retro inspired deep V-necked jumper with fuller palazzo-styled legs, a belted waist, tall collar, shoulders, and of course, vibrant and energetic cuffs … ("poofs!") Circa – 1960s Faye Dunaway in The Thomas Crown Affair. We utilized coordinating drapery fabric with in two textures with both wall covering and tile, embellishing the trim with whimsical furnishing accents to play off our cuffs.

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