To Have & To Hold

Express yourself through your big day’s most important blooms

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Aside from your groom’s hand, your bouquet is what you’ll be holding onto the most at your wedding. It’s as important to your bridal look and feel as your dress or your hair, so take the time to work with your floral designer and create a fragrant arrangement that’s spectacularly you.

The size, shape, and formality of your bouquet should match your dress as well as the venue and event’s theme. (Having a photo of you in your dress or having the dress itself will help your floral designer immensely, as will photos of the locale.) The bouquet should be appropriate in size to your own frame, comfortable to hold, and hearty enough to last through a long day of excitement, photo ops, and hugs.

Personalize it through your choice of flowers or embellishments. Some brides make a point to include their mother’s and/or grandmother’s favorite blooms; others ask their floral designer to work in a meaningful token: a rosary, a piece of family jewelry, a ticket stub from their first date with their betrothed, even a love note from their groom.

If you plan to save your bouquet — or give it to someone special as a gift — remember to request a second, smaller “toss bouquet” for your best girls to catch at the reception. Above all, choose a combination of flowers and colors that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come.

Featuring easy-to-find seasonal flowers like lilies and hydrangeas in your bouquet means you’ll be able to recreate a bit of bridal bliss in a vase on your just-married table any time you choose.

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