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Tom Slovak

Partner at Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy 
& Pinkney LLP.

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tom slovak
Attorney Tom Slovak calls the Coachella Valley “one of the best places to live and work.”

Attorney Tom Slovak mostly handled real estate transactions when he relocated to the Coachella Valley from Riverside in the late 1970s. But then he got involved with the agricultural labor strikes, representing local growers, and broadened his areas of interest.

At his 25-year-old firm, Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy & Pinkney LLP — which specializes in commercial litigation, land use, and environmental resources — Slovak specilizes in complex business, real estate, estate and trust and employment litigation, including class actions.

Born and raised in a small farming community in nearby El Centro, Slovak attended college at Cal Poly Pomona and law school at University of Southern California in Los Angeles, before joining a firm in Riverside. “Then I came to Palm Springs in 1978 for [different] reasons,” he says. Like many who visit the desert, he never left.

Drawn to the climate, scenery, and community, Slovak calls the Coachella Valley “one of the best places to live and work.” He’s inspired by the mountains and appreciates the proximity to San Diego and Los Angeles. Technology allows Slovak to appear in a courtroom from hundreds of miles away, making desert living practical for him.

“One of the great things about living in a relatively small town is [that] you get to know a lot of people,” he says, noting population growth and turnover brings a steady flow of client prospects from around the world. “The most interesting aspect of practicing law in the desert is the diverse number of people you get to meet, interact with — and hopefully help.

VIDEO: Tom Slovak talks about his law career since coming to the Coachella Valley in the 1970s.