most googled cocktails

Top 10 Most Googled Cocktails This Summer

Here are the most popular classic cocktails based on monthly Google search results this summer.

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most googled cocktails

The Aviation Cocktail is the most searched cocktail on Google.

Over the past five years, cocktails have seen a surge of interest on Google, with people searching for details on how to mix their favorite drink at home. Research by The Mixer has discovered exactly which cocktails have had the highest search volumes this summer. The results are in; here are the top ten classic cocktails that are enjoying a brand-new moment in the limelight.

1. Aviation Cocktail

Clocking in at 33,100+ monthly searches, the Aviation Cocktail leads the way in the search engine results on Google. This pretty lilac drink has a lot of vintage flair, and combines the tantalizing flavors of gin and cherry with a captivating floral bouquet that is quite unlike anything else in the cocktail world.

Cosmopolitan Cocktail
2. Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Also averaging 33,100+ searches per month, the Cosmopolitan Cocktail is one of the more popular cocktails from the 1960s, and you can easily bring it to life in the comfort of your home. It combines citrus-infused vodka, orange liqueur, lime and cranberry juice, and an orange peel to garnish. All in all, a gorgeous drink that has a little citrusy sweetness balanced by the zing of the lime.

Manhattan Cocktail
3. Manhattan Cocktail

Another mixed drink with 33,100+ monthly searches on Google, the Manhattan Cocktail remains as iconic as ever. Classically stirred with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters, according to the official International Bartenders Association’s listing, it embodies vanilla and oak notes, along with sweet and spicy flavors and some bitter notes to finish.

Paper Plane Cocktail
4. Paper Plane Cocktail

This modern classic garnered a whopping 27,100+ searches each month on Google. Devised in 2007 and named for the M.I.A track 'Paper Planes', this delightful drink features 1 ounce bourbon whiskey, 1 ounce Aperol, 1 ounce Italian amaro, and 1 ounce fresh lemon juice, garnished with lemon peel.

Last Word Cocktail
5. Last Word Cocktail

With 14,800+ Google searches on average per month over the summer, the Last Word cocktail is a drink that always leaves a lasting impression. It is a beautifully balanced cocktail that walks the fine line between subtle sweetness and inviting tartness, underpinned by the captivating aroma of ripe cherries and bitter herbs.

Old Fashioned Cocktail
6. Old Fashioned Cocktail

The Old Fashioned cocktail has attracted 12,100+ monthly searches on Google, which can be attributed to its old-school reputation. Combining Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon Whiskey, simple syrup and a dash of bitters, it may seem simple, but these flavors come together for quite the suave serve.

Penicillin Cocktail
7. Penicillin Cocktail

Searched 12,100+ times on average per month over the summer, the Penicillin Cocktail is a scotch-based drink from New York bartender Sam Ross that combines 1 ounce blended whiskey, ¾ ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice, ¾ ounce home-made honey-ginger syrup, and another splash of single-malt whiskey, garnished with candied ginger.

Pornstar Martini
8. Pornstar Martini

This now-famous cocktail was created in the early 2000s by bartender Douglas Ankrah, who decided to blend vodka, Prosecco, and passionfruit into one drink, ostensibly inspired by a stripper's perfume at the Maverick, a 'gentleman's club' in Cape Town. No wonder the Pornstar Martini was recently searched 12,100+ times per month.

Bees Knees Cocktail
9. Bees Knees

The Bee's Knees is a Prohibition-era cocktail featuring 2 ounces of gin, ¾ ounce lemon juice and ½ ounce honey, shaken with ice and strained into a chilled cocktail glass with a lemon twist garnish. It was searched 9,900+ times per month over the summer.

Bushwacker Cocktail
10. Bushwacker

Invented in 1975 at the Ship's Store, Sapphire Pub in the Virgin Islands, this dreamy drink contains 2 ounce dark rum, 1 ounce coffee liqueur, 1 ounce dark creme de cacao, 2 ounces whole milk and 1 ounce coconut cream, and garnished with finely grated nutmeg. It was searched 9,900+ times monthly and is essentially a creamy dessert in a glass.

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