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Trina Turk Fetes Collaboration of Artist Jim Isermann, Design Brand Placewares

Isermann, a Palm Springs resident, designs the windows of the brand's iconic 1962 Albert Frey.

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trina turk
Trina Turk shares her enthusiasm for the product collaborations between Palm Springs artist Jim Isermann and Placewares.

Trina Turk and Jonathan Skow (Mr. Turk) hosted a celebration marking the collaboration between internationally known and collected artist Jim Isermann, a Palm Springs resident, and Placewares, a design house and shop celebrating its 40th birthday next year and owned by longtime friends (and former Palm Springs neighbors), Kevin Lane and Shev Rush.

The reception included catering by F10 and refreshments by Jardesca, Landmark Chardonnay, and FIJI Water.

Isermann designed a custom installation for the windows of the brand’s iconic 1962 Albert Frey, which were revealed at the event and will remain through Thanksgiving. Isermann signed the product collaborations — all of which are on sale in the store. They include a nylon and duck canvas bag made in cooperation with Baggu; three ceramic mugs; and three trays, a tray table, a stool, and a coaster set in laminated birch. Each is emblazoned with a mash-up of Jim and Placewares’ logos, designed by artist Pae White, who has also reimagined logos for MOCA and the Albright Knox.

“We have been great friends with Trina & Jonathan and Jim for nearly 20 years now and are so happy to be able to collaborate professionally on what promises to be a fantastic evening,” said Lane. “Trina and Jonathan’s designs, Jim’s work, and the Placewares aesthetic are all colorful, graphic, and sophisticated. We love that they are all coming together in Palm Springs, where we met years ago.”

“It’s exciting to have an artist of Jim’s stature design an installation specifically for our residential boutique window. It will provide a burst of color on Palm Canyon Drive for visitors and residents alike,” said Trina Turk.

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