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Get inspired by desert weddings’ distinctive look and style

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Palm Springs Weddings - Color Schemes
Photo by Ars Magna Studio

The most popular color schemes take cues from local pastimes, hot spots, and a reverence for the amazing natural landscape.

Palm Springs Weddings - Colors - Orange

Parker Orange

Parker Palm Springs’ towering, 30-foot double doors in Sunkist orange provide a vibrant welcome for overnight guests, as well as locals who like to pop in for an evening martini and a stroll around the grounds. Orange bridal flowers, décor, and accessories remain a bold choice throughout the area, often paired with lemon yellow, lime green, or aqua blue.

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Palm Springs Weddings - Colors - Turquoise

Pool-Bottom Turquoise Blue

Coachella Valley’s desert is home to the largest number of swimming pools per capita in the country — and it makes good use of them! A cool, sparkling, swimming-pool blue as a wedding scheme takes the “something blue” concept to the limit, from table linens and hanging lanterns to cake details and bridesmaids’ gowns.

Photo by Harvard Photography / Heavenly Blooms Floral

Palm Springs Weddings - Colors - Purple and Green

Grape Fizz With a Lime Twist

Joey Lizotte of Artisan Event and Floral Décor fields plenty of requests for his long-lasting floral pomanders in various sizes and colors, often to line wedding aisles or hang on chairs. These flower girls carried lime green flower balls that popped against their white dresses with purple sashes.

Photo by Jim Kennedy Photography / Artisan Event Floral And Decor

Palm Springs Weddings - Colors - Black and White

Boldly Neutral Black and White

Smart couples often favor a black-and-white scheme, a classic duo that looks crisp and fresh. Instantly formal yet intensely modern, a black-and-white theme avoids the stress involved in exact color matches. What’s more, the couple and their guests find a neutral scheme doesn’t detract from the natural beauty of the party’s surroundings. Instead of fighting against the desert backdrop, it blends in to enhance it.

Photo by Eye In The Sky Photography / Stephanie Grace Events

Palm Springs Weddings - Colors - Yellow

Viceroy Yellow

Just a block from downtown, couples flock to Viceroy Palm Springs for its intimate setting and boutique hotel feel. The hotel’s signature yellow, black, and white décor also serves as a ready-made color scheme. “It’s a compliment to us that so many of our brides and grooms choose to play up our design elements as part of their wedding,” says Don Devine, manager of guest relations. “We’ve seen them work citron yellow into the sashes on their gowns or their bridal party flowers, and it looks so thought out with our Viceroy backdrop. Our preferred vendors are so familiar with our colors that they can work it into weddings with unbelievable flair.” The palette, now synonymous with the area, works well at nearly any venue.

Photo by Next Exit Photography

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