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TTK Represents — Vision 2020

Keith Markovitz, Todd Monaghan, Chris Menrad, and Rick Distel.

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ttk represents compass
TTK Represents includes (from left) Keith Markovitz, Todd Monaghan, Chris Menrad, and Rick Distel (not pictured).

When Keith Markovitz and Todd Monaghan launched TTK Represents in 2008, Keith was already deeply involved in local architecture and Todd was leaving a corporate career in architectural glazing and design. Chris Menrad soon came on board, bringing his own passion for design, art, and restoration. It made sense, then, that TTK Represents would focus its considerable talent on selling the Coachella Valley’s architecturally significant homes, including its globally renowned midcentury modern structures.

“The architectural story of Palm Springs is an amazing draw, as is evidenced by the growth we have experienced through events like Modernism Week,” says Markovitz.
The valley remains a hot ticket for buyers of all ages, yet Menrad and Markovitz see the demographics beginning to skew progressively younger.

“People are looking for more space and generous yard and pool areas,” Markovitz says. “They’re considering it as a full-time place now that they don’t have to report to an office, and we’re still the least expensive place for many of these buyers.”

“I remember telling people I was moving to Palm Springs and they didn’t know where it was. Today Palm Springs is referenced as the must see, must visit cool place where people are now wanting to live,” Monaghan says.

Menrad, who has been in the market for 21 years, says, “I have seen it go to a diverse community with all kinds of interesting people from all age groups. Early on, as preservationists, we worked to educate visitors and local government on the value of our midcentury modern buildings. This has added a tremendous amount of value and cachet to Palm Springs and transformed it into a very hip place for all.”