Urban Sophistication

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Angela Wells, Student Member ASID

Project Contributors:
Robert Allen
Lee Jofa

Angela Wells leads The Foxx Company’s Interior Design Division, specializing in luxury custom homes, furniture design, and remodels. Angela selected the materials long before she had a design idea, and let the materials inspire her. The dress fabric pushed her in the direction of a pencil skirt while matching curtain tie backs proved to be edgy enough to use as an X crossed back. Essentially each material allowed her to utilize her creativeness and incorporate them into the design.

The curtain tie-backs have loops to attach the x back to the front of the dress by securing them on decorative crystal buttons which sit prominently on the models shoulders. The straps can be unhooked from the front of the dress to allow easy entry without sacrificing the construction of the delicate dress. The accent tile was individually glued piece by piece onto the waistline of the dress to add visual impact and take an already edgy outfit to a new level of funkiness.  The cropped swing jacket is secured similarly to the dress in that the curtain tie backs on the neckline hook onto another decorative crystal button, which secures the top of the jacket. A matching headband features the same ceramic tile as the dress, once again each ½” tile was glued on individually.

Photography by Gerry Maceda and Adrianne Bonafede

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