Vintage Club Members and Guests Forge New Friendships at Rendezvous Golf Tournament

Camaraderie, friendship impact both players and their spouses alike

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More than 260 players took to the tees for The Vintage Club's Rendezvous golf tournament, which is famous as much for the size of the field as the shared experiences with friends and the opportunity to make new friends.

This men's golf event is not just for the guys. It is really a week-long celebration for men and women alike.

"It is truly the best tournament and social gathering of the many member/ guest's I've played in, and I've seen many!" says Vintage Club member Tony Esernia.

Esernia recalls a past Rendezvous theme included a Safari featuring live giraffes, elephants, and zebras on the course. "One year we had our own air show with wing walkers, fighter jets, and a Bomber which landed on the sixth fairway," he says.

While the men are on the golf course, the wives enjoy a variety of activities from this year's luncheon at the Heather James Fine Art Gallery in Palm Desert to spa experiences and more. Couples are reunited for lunches and dinners.

Golf is just the back drop in this special event. The real memories are made at the evening parties starting with Thursday's "Event on the Court," which features live entertainment and world-class food for the more than 550 guests on The Vintage Club's Stadium tennis court. On Friday evening, a member/guest mixer is followed by a home tour, and the Saturday night finale is a closing formal gala.

Vintage Club members love their golf, but what keeps them coming back for events like the Rendezvous is camaraderie and friendship. There is no replacement for the interaction that takes place on and off the golf course. Just one of the many benefits of enjoying the great game of golf!


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