Vintage Trailer Show Resonates With Modernistic Adventure

Palm Springs Modernism Week exhibit puts style back into traveling

JIM POWERS Modernism 0 Comments

If the Vintage Trailer Show adds one thing to Modernism Week in Palm Springs, it's a sense of adventure.

And perhaps it's not an addition at all, but an extension of what Modernism represents in both appearance and feeling.

One look at the assortment of trailers restores the element of opportunity, tugging your own personal enclosure along for a ride to who knows where.

From the shiny Streamliners to amazing rebuilds from their origins of 40 to 50 years ago, the Vintage Trailer Show delivers a visual nostalgia when a pair of hands, some cash and ingenuity created the house on wheels.

Take a look at our photo gallery, and point out your favorites to us.

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