vinyl records palm springs

Where to Buy Vinyl Records in Palm Springs

The local DJ duo known as Glitter & Sand provide three tips on a growing interest in vinyl records.

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vinyl records palm springs
three tips

Kiki and Greg Tormo — the local DJ duo known as Glitter & Sand who’ve performed at events ranging from Modernism Week to a Dynasty-themed disco party at The Alibi — drop their personal wisdom on how to amp up a budding interest in vinyl in the desert.

Find them @psglitterandsand on Instagram.

Turn Back Time

“We spin music that was made to be mastered for vinyl. Anything pre-1985 was produced for record pressing and will sound great. Some of the current indie artists are pressing vinyl versions, which makes us happy. Our own collection is an eclectic mix of ‘60s soul, 
garage rock, girl groups, disco, new wave, glam, punk, exotica, and midcentury modern classics.”

Where It’s At

“Our collection usually grows through friends and estate sales. Vinyl must be in pristine condition for us to play it. For good quality vinyl in the desert, try Palm Springs Records and Collectibles and the Sunny Dunes Antique Mall. We also like to order online from Norton Records and Dionysus Records.”

The Heat Is On

“You should have a record brush to clean dust from your vinyl, and always store your records upright — not stacked flat. Be careful of the heat! The garage or a car trunk is no place to store vinyl. For an inexpensive turntable, we recommend an Audio Technica, which starts at about $100 and is available on Amazon. Speakers, of course, are extra.”


Kiki and Greg Tormo