Visionary — Bobby Butler

Periodontist, Advanced Periodontics Implant Center

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Dr. Bobby Butler (left) has found Dr. Ellie Kheirkhahi-Love's Advanced Periodontics Implant Center to be a perfect fit.

Like many professionals in the Pacific Northwest, periodontist Bobby Butler bought an escape house in Palm Springs long before trading in the gray, chilly, rainy city for a full-time place in the sun. It was no quick decision. Butler, working in Seattle, bought his first house here in 2001. Almost two years ago, he joined Dr. Ellie Kheirkhahi-Love’s Rancho Mirage practice, Advanced Periodontics Implant Center.

“It’s been a good move for us,” Butler beams. “You feel like you’re in a small town most of the time, and it’s easy to get around and get to know people.”

The locale also has professional perks. “Periodontists help restorative dentists with matters that involve bone loss, gum disease, gum recession, cosmetic issues, and conditions around the tooth and implants,” Butler says, noting his subspecialties in microsurgery, cosmetic crown lengthening, and gum grafting around natural teeth and/or implants.

The practice has proved to be a perfect fit. He and Love share a similar practice philosophy, including staying up to date with the newest technologies, combined with dedication to surgical excellence.

When he’s not working, he takes advantage of the desert’s abundance of hiking trails, the social nature of the community, and the great airport in Palm Springs. He is professionally involved with lecturing and teaching at the University of Washington and Loma Linda University and committed to educating future periodontists with his time-tested procedures.

VIDEO: Watch the interview with Dr. Bobby Butler.