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After graduating from the University of the Pacific School of Dentistry in San Francisco, Dr. René Dell’Acqua opened her dental practice in the Coachella Valley to offer “five-star care in a five-star city.”

Dell’Acqua Dental Studio offers general dentistry with a focus on cosmetic, implant, reconstructive, and sedation to give patients a “comforting and positive experience. It’s a warm, professional environment.”

Dell’Acqua, a second-generation dentist, had considered several areas for her practice 17 years ago. The Coachella Valley won. “I love the weather, the atmosphere, and the outdoor lifestyle,” she says. “It’s a resort location, so the beauty of the nature here drew me in.”

She adds, “The demographics of the area for cosmetic, implant, and reconstructive dentistry are fantastic. I found a place that suited my lifestyle, and it felt like the right place to develop a high-end cosmetic and reconstructive practice.”

Community involvement has played a significant role in Dell’Acqua’s success.

“The Coachella Valley focuses on charitable organizations and doing things for others. That perfectly suits my personality. Coming here and being able to do the things I love outside my practice — including charity work and going to events to support them. The ability to meet that many people is an asset. It’s easy to get to know the community, because people here are involved. It’s a small-town atmosphere with an international flair.” 

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