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“The Palm Springs area has been great for my practice,” says Dr. Scott Aaronson, a board-certified plastic surgeon. “Since 1984, we’ve grown every year. It was a fine opportunity to start a practice here. Since then I’ve married and had two children, and it’s been a great environment for my family. Here in the Coachella Valley, we have everything we need. It’s definitely a paradise.”

In 1998, he built a larger freestanding surgery center across the street from Desert Regional Medical Center. “The city of Palm Springs helped me in that process,” he says. “It’s been excellent for the patients and for my practice.”

Aaronson Plastic Surgery Center offers cosmetic surgery and noninvasive procedures for all ages, and an onsite, overnight recovery facility for post-surgery patients. “Patients coming in from big cities find it a pleasure to be here in Palm Springs,” Aaronson says. “It’s a slower pace. Being in this environment is good for healing.”

As his practice continues to grow, Aaronson says, “There’s a need for new employees in an office-based surgery center, and here in the Coachella Valley there are always nurses and ancillary personnel available.”

Aaronson urges other professionals to experience the success and lifestyle he’s enjoyed here for three decades: “There is a lot of opportunity for physicians in the Coachella Valley because the population is always growing. All different subspecialties are needed,” he says. “Physicians desiring a wonderful place to live should consider moving to Palm Springs.” 

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