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Owner of a full-service visual creative house offering photography, video production, and web development, Ethan Kaminsky grew up in the Coachella Valley.  

“I’m lucky to be able to live and work here,” he says. “It really is a year-round economy for our company. I’m two hours from the beach, the mountains, and the big city. The quality of life is outstanding, and it’s a great place to raise a family.”

Kaminsky says the valley has a $800-million creative economy, and notes that the Coachella Valley Economic Partnership is working to put the area on the map as a creative center. “It’s helping to build a workforce so we all have a greater pool of skilled support people,” he says.

He started his career photographing the valley’s iconic architecture. “Today many of my clients are architects, interior designers, and builders,” Kaminsky says. “We document their work, capture their vision, and create a body of work for them to use as sales tools. We also program and manage websites for many of these professionals, giving them an online portfolio and a seamless look and design.”

Today, Kaminsky Productions’ client portfolio includes the healthcare, tourism, and hospitality, testimonial education, and fundraising events and projects.

Kaminsky says one of the bonuses of being based in the Coachella Valley is “a lower cost of living that allows us to be more competitive in the marketplace. We service clients throughout Southern California. They want to bring their business here, play golf, and relax while we’re working on their projects.”

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