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Troy Zimmerman Interior Design is a firm headquartered in Palm Springs. “We specialize in residential design, a little bit of commercial, and high-end culture,” Zimmerman says.

“I’ve traveled throughout the world and I really enjoy being here,” says Zimmerman, who was born and raised in the Coachella Valley. “It’s two hours from everything, whether you want to be in the mountains or by the ocean. It’s a huge community of good people, and it’s become a mecca of good design.”

He also enjoys sharing the desert’s vast creative resources. “This past year, I was fortunate to serve as president of the American Society of Interior Designers in the Palm Springs/Inland Chapter,” Zimmerman says. “That has allowed me to help raise awareness for interior design and what it can mean for people trying to build their dream home.

“With all the development here in the desert, we work with many developers and builders to ensure that the homeowner is comfortable with their decisions and ultimately comes out with something that everyone’s proud of. We take them through the whole process, from landscape design to floor plans, even art and accessories.”

The upswing in the real estate market is having a positive impact, he says. “The exciting thing about being in Palm Springs at this time is working with new developers and builders and seeing all of the exciting new opportunities. This is a community with open arms. There are many creative people here. Owning and running a business here will be lucrative for someone with a great idea and a good business plan.”

Summing up his love of the valley, Zimmerman says, “This is one of the best places to start a business and raise a family. What gets me going in the morning is waking up, dropping my daughter off at high school, working in a beautiful place with the mountains and the sunshine everywhere, and ending the day with a great game of golf.”

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