Vladimir Cora – The Women of Vladimir – Dec. 18, 2015

Jorge Mendez Gallery

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Color is key to the sensual nature of his latest works

The Jorge Mendez Gallery celebrated the third solo exhibition of artist Vladimir Cora with his latest show, The Women of Vladimir, on view through Jan.31.

The opening reception on Dec. 18 was catered by Jensen’s and guests enjoyed meeting the artists and the hospitality of gallerist Jorge Mendez.  

The Women of Vladimir represents some of his most provocative works while maintaining a sensitivity and respect for the subject matter. This exhibit is rich, both in color and culture, and certain to add to the storied progression of his work.

Almost all of Cora’s work is executed in a series — previous series include: the apostles, fruits, heads, portraits, bodegones, and women. He first conceptualizes a topic and then begins to paint without a sketch – characteristic of the spontaneity and discipline for which he is known.

His wife, Mary, has been his main inspiration and muse for his series about women, and lately he has also been painting portraits of his two daughters, Adilene and Alica.

Gallerist Jorge Mendez’ support of Cora is unwavering.

"Cora is a prolific painter who continues to revisit familiar subject matter throughout his storied career," says Mendez. "Each time, he reimagines a series – integrating new and familiar elements into his works. Cora continues to deepen his mastery of the female form and his new Women series will give the public an opportunity to witness the progression and evolution of his work. It is my intent to continue showcasing the art of Vladimir Cora. He is a standout among the many artists that I represent."

Jorge Mendez Gallery
756 N. Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs, CA 92262

Photography by Ceasar Rodriguez

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