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walter clark
Walter Clark says his firm specializes in “leveling the playing field” for his clients, regardless of means.

Wide-open spaces, unbeatable weather, and the position of deputy district attorney drew Walter Clark to the desert in 1973. His view of snow-capped mountains and a steady stream of clients keep him here.

Clark is one of few attorneys board-certified through testing by the National Board of Trial Advocates and the State Bar. He is also a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates, a national, invitation-only organization requiring extensive jury trial experience, integrity, and professionalism.

His firm specializes in “leveling the playing field” for his clients, regardless of means.

“We litigate against the big, evil, insurance companies’ lawyers,” he says. “It’s challenging. I like it, and I think we’re really good at it.”
He prefers Rancho Mirage because “it’s the ideal location.” His large office building, formerly Mimi’s Cafe, is right across from The River.

Clark grew up in the Bay Area, but says the desert “strikes the right balance” between major cities like San Diego, where he went to law school, and his favorite vacation spot, Lake Tahoe. He loves the desert for natural beauty, quality of life, and a lot less traffic than the coast.

Outside of work, Clark, who is a “Big Brother,” helps people through his involvement in charities, including the YMCA and United Way. “I’ve met so many nice people and see what they do to help everyone in the valley,” he says.

The firm also provides a large conference room and a green-screen video room for use by valley charities.

“I can’t imagine any better place to live and work than the Coachella Valley.”

VIDEO: Walter Clark speaks about his career in the Coachella Valley.