What’s New in Cosmetic Procedures? We Asked Greater Palm Springs’ Experts

As the world came out of the pandemic, Coachella Valley residents went in search of new procedures of rejuvenation.

June Allan Corrigan Current PSL, Health & Wellness

Microneedling has become a popular procedure among women and men in the Coachella Valley.

Keeping up with what’s current in terms of cosmetic and rejuvenation procedures is basically that: keeping skin on the up and up.

"Tightening and lifting — that’s what everybody wants," says Marisa Rivera, an esthetician and managing partner at SkinCeuticals Skin Lab by Cosmetic Surgery Institute in Palm Desert.

In recent months, the medical spa has seen an uptick in inquiries about microneedling procedures from both women and men. Rivera chalks it up to two years of people staying close to home and foregoing any kind of revitalizing or maintenance procedures they might otherwise have pursued.

“Now they’re ready to get back into it,” she says. “More than ever, patients are not only wanting to make themselves look and feel better, but they’re wanting to improve their skin health as well.”

Minimally invasive radiofrequency microneedling stimulates production of collagen and elastin — two essential skin components that dwindle and break down as people age. The deep radiofrequency treatment provided by Morpheus8, a fractional device that SkinCeuticals SkinLab by CSI recently acquired, is garnering attention for its ability to renew and lift the skin.

“When patients ask what they can do to tighten up their neck or jowl area,” Rivera says, “a series of three Morpheus8 treatments can make a big difference.”

“Men are just as interested as women in all these types of treatments,  whether it's lasers, botox, or fillers.”
Marisa Rivera, esthetician, SkinCeuticals Skin La

Two years of limited travel and social opportunities were a boon for the Sofonio Plastic Surgery Center in Rancho Mirage. With time on their hands, individuals opted to undergo larger procedures involving longer downtime. Now that the social whirl has more or less resumed, patients want simpler procedures performed under local anesthesia with faster recovery times.

“Patients will opt for a mini eyelid procedure or a mini chin tuck where they can drive in and drive out,” says Dr. Mark Sofonio, a board-certified plastic surgeon. “Sutures come out in a matter of days so they’re not terribly inconvenienced and can resume their golf game and other activities looking refreshed.”

Sofonio is also seeing a revolutionary new hair growth treatment known as TED deliver amazing results and win over patients. Developed by Alma Lasers, TED stands for transepidermal drug delivery. Needle and pain free, TED uses acoustic sound waves and air pressure to drive synthetically produced growth factors and stem cells down the hair shaft into the follicles.

“It’s a pretty ingenious noninvasive way to nourish the hair and promote growth,” they said.

It’s sometimes easy to fall prey to the latest YouTube video or rejuvenating secrets A-list celebrities swear by, according to Bonnie Rae, DMD, FCAI, who specializes in facial aesthetics at Desert Dream Dentistry & Spa in Palm Desert. Patients come to her convinced a certain product or treatment is the answer and although it might work for some, it isn’t necessarily what will work for them.

“I ask patients to tell me the results they’re looking for, and I’ll tell them how best to achieve it,” she says. “Most of the time, it takes more than one tool in the toolbox.”

The best practitioner will consider the anatomy, bone structure, and patient’s lifestyle among other factors when recommending a treatment.

“A rejuvenating product that promises to last two years or maybe even five will only do that if it is administered correctly and in the proper circumstances,” Rae says. “Botox isn’t going to solve every wrinkle problem on your face. Sometimes it’s due to skin laxity or how you sleep. There are many factors involved in any given area of concern.”

Perplexed about where to begin? Try a nourishing and skin brightening facial like the one offered at SkinCeuticals SkinLab by CSI. The Hydrafacial, one of the spa’s most requested treatments, is perfect for routine or seasonal maintenance. It gently exfoliates and infuses the skin with vitamins and is an excellent jumping off point when considering all the cosmetic and rejuvenating methods available.

“Women and men love it — which is another huge trend we’re seeing,” Rivera says. “Men are just as interested as women in all these types of treatments, whether it’s lasers, Botox, or fillers.”

The point is people want to look refreshed. The buzzwords on everybody’s lips are “minimally invasive” and “little to no downtime.” Fortunately, there are plenty of options by which to defy the law of gravity.