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An upscale consignment boutique in Palm Desert is a dream setting for ladies who love high fashion.

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Yvonne Dougher, owner of Out of the Closet, discusses what makes the consignment boutique's selections so spectacular.
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Rummaging through the “giveaway” rack of a fashionable friend is one of life’s giddiest pleasures for women of style — whether they’re on a budget or simply seeking something “new” from last season.

Tucked behind El Paseo, Out of the Closet offers the ultimate secondhand shopping experience with a carefully curated collection of apparel and accessories from the hautest labels. “I carry only top designers,” says proprietor Yvonne Dougher, who, dressed in a classic white blouse and fitted black mini with a gold Chanel chain belt, says her own affinity for luxury fashion inspired her to open the shop.

“It all started with con-signing about 200 pieces from my own closet … and then items from my friends … and then my hobby became a real passion, and a store!” she says.

Dougher is the daughter of a woman who loved to shop, and so her own fascination with fashion was born. “I remember sitting on the dressing room floor for hours as a young girl while my mother tried on clothes at Fashion Island,” recalls the Newport Beach native. “I loathed it at first but soon found myself looking at high-fashion magazines and pinning pictures on my bedroom wall.”

While she concedes to purchasing only in-season items for her own wardrobe, Dougher says this similarity in most of her clients who consign their goods is what makes Out of the Closet’s selections so spectacular.

“Many of these women just love the thrill of shopping, and so I get a lot of these incredible never-been-worn items with the tags still on,” she says. From such designers as Diane von Furstenberg, Gucci, Hermès, Oscar de la Renta, Prada, and Pucci, among many others, you’ll find everything from vintage frocks and furs to contemporary coats and accessories.

Yvonne Dougher, On Style

Q. What is the rarest item you’ve carried?
A leopard fur coat. It was originally purchased before leopards came on the endangered list in the 1960s — so it was legal to sell. But I had to do some research!

Q. Who is your style icon?
A. I love Daphne Guinness’ original and funky style. She’s elegant yet flamboyant.

Q. What are the stylish woman’s wardrobe essentials?
A current designer handbag, a hip belt, and a great pair of heels.

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