White Party Palm Springs Wears Sunday Best

The biggest gay party in the country draws big crowds, top-notch entertainment

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White Party Palm Springs came to a close April 10 with the type of splash the event has been associated with for more than 25 years.

While Billboard Hot Dance Club playlist sensation Erika Jayne had been announced prior to the April 8-10 event, founder Jeffrey Sanker always keeps a couple of surprises for the finale carnival (literally, there were two ferris wheels) held across from the Palm Springs Convention Center.

The crowd was delighted to see both Frankie and Inaya Day take the stage. Frankie has a new single out, New Obsession, while Day owns 14 top 10 Billboard dance hits – exactly the type of music that deserved a fireworks salute at the end.

Twenty-four hours earlier, White Party took over the Palm Springs Convention Center for a captivating seven-hour dance marathon illuminated by artistic lights and 3D models creating a multi-level dance environment with balconies and expansive LED lighting systems.

DJs Offer Nissim, Dani Toro, Nacho Chapado and Kidd Madonny created unbelievable energy and crescendo throughout the night.

The White Party is a costume designer's dream. Some choose full drag in 10-inch heels and gorgeous, metallic make-up. One chose a faux fur body length coat lit from the inside by a string of holiday lights perfectly spaced. There were sneakers rimmed with neon colored light. White, high-laced boots completed modernized gladiator costumes. And variations on classic tennis whites. The room crackled with stardust and the scents of expensive cologne.

— story contribution by Karen R. Graninger

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Inaya Day takes the stage.



Shot from Ferris Wheel No. 1 looking down at the crowd and Ferris Wheel No. 1.





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