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Authors John Bianchi & Katharine Russell

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John Bianchi of Rancho Mirage is the subject of John Bianchi: An American Legend, 50 Years of Gunleather (Blue Book Publications). A former police officer, Bianchi invented new types of duty holsters for law enforcement and over 40 years built a business as a holster manufacturer. He supplied products as props for television and film, and his collection of Western memorabilia led to the Bianchi Frontier Museum in Temecula in 1962. The collection is now part of the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles.

Katharine Russell of Palm Desert has published Deed So (CreateSpace), a coming-of-age novel set during the early 1960s. At the age of 12, Haddie Bashford witnesses the killing of a black teen, a murder that divides the small Maryland town where she lives. In the midst of racial conflict, her friend returns from Vietnam a changed man, and an arsonist is born who threatens the lives of Haddie and her friends.

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