Art on the Fly

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When Dave Browne professes his specialty to be Atlantic salmon, he’s talking not about his culinary skills, but rather his fly-fishing and -tying expertise.

A Palm Springs resident who fishes primarily in Canada, Browne describes salmon fishing this way: “You cast and cast and cast for days and days, and then you finally hook one. I know it’s insane. Most of the time it’s raining and snowing. It’s just plain nasty fishing, but I like it.”

Browne, who began tying flies at the age of 9 and eventually became a professional “dresser,” has published Presentation Dressings for the 21st Century. The book features 51 of his salmon ties, each one created in between eight to 14 hours with a single strand of thread.

Like paintings and sculptures, they command collector prices, bear names (the one on this page is called Mike Ryan’s Atlantic Jewel), and are for displaying (not fishing). “They are about art and the use of color,” says Browne, who notes that he approaches his medium from the perspective of a left-handed dyslexic.

To purchase the book, contact Dave Browne at 1-760-323-2440. the limited-edition book, which sells for $150

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