Chris Clapinski: Vision 2018

Financial Advisor, Raymond James & Associates Inc.

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Chris Clapinski

“There is tremendous opportunity in the desert,” says Chris Clapinksi. “I see the desert as a startup company that’s getting ready to announce its IPO.” The retired pro baseball player found his opportunity as a financial advisor at Raymond James, where he offers a range of financial and retirement planning strategies.

“I consider myself a financial coach, working with the recent college graduate opening a first IRA account as well as the business owner creating an exit strategy toward retirement,” he says. “I focus on creating a plan specific based on each client’s personal financial goals now and in the future.”

The Buffalo native moved to the desert with his family in 1979. He graduated from Palm Desert High School in 1989 and won a scholarship to play baseball at the University of California, Berkeley, where he played in the College World Series. Soon thereafter, Clapinksi signed with the Florida Marlins and spent AAA time with the Dodgers organization, Cleveland Indians, and Kansas City Royals. He returned to the desert full-time with his wife Jodi in 2002 after his first daughter, Kaitlin, was born.

Although he retired from pro baseball, he keeps his hand in the game by helping to coach at his high school alma mater. He also golfs and runs, and has served on the board of Desert United Soccer Club, where his daughters play.

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