David Woods: Great Golf Swing is an Exercise in Consistency

Vintage Club golf professional says to limit body movement

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One of the most important factors of playing better golf is the ability to repeat.

Everyone of you have hit a great shot at some point, and you can't figure out why.

Was it an accident? Or did you make a good swing?

Either way, we all work to find that great swing or great hit. The most important thing to remember in a golf swing during your pursuit of consistency is that fewer moving parts in your swing will make it easier for you to repeat the motion.

For example, many golfers tend to lose their posture resulting in their spine shifting laterally as well as vertically during the golf swing. This excess movement leads to inconsistency and frustration!

In a perfect world, once you have established your address position during set-up, your spine should remain fairly still during the swing. Ideally, your shoulders, arms and core should rotate around a fixed center. Now, for many of you, there are physical limitations which may create a challenge when attempting to rotate. If this is you, at a minimum you should be trying to prevent yourself from rising during your backswing even if your rotation is limited. This will help you avoid topping or thin shots.

Also, work on your flexibility with a daily routine of stretching. Mobility and flexibility exercises for golf far outweigh strength.

Click on the video link for some tips on maintaining your spine angle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CbRlby0yWQ


David Woods has been the PGA Director of Golf at The Vintage Club in Indian Wells since 2007. His golf column appears monthly. Visit www.vintageclubsales.com for more information on The Vintage Club.

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