December 2016 Horoscopes

Sherryl Nova Horoscope


Dec. 22–Jan. 19

Most important, don’t get bogged down in details. 
Trust yourself to have made the right choices in support, and move up to management. Respect the powerful retrograde in that it provides you with essential missing data. 
Patience is ammunition.

Jan. 20 –Feb. 18

The change you require is radical and permanent. Pay no attention to the reactions. Press on to create a new way. Be loyal, but strike out independently, as what’s good for you is good for all. Be alone, not lonely. Build character in stoicism. Be your own light.

Feb. 19–March 20

A change in administration can benefit you. Approach the chaos slowly and lend a shoulder to the needy. Meanwhile, recognize the potential for your unique talent. It will be obvious you are the one. Be responsible, the biggies are watching.

March 21–April 19

Professional contacts multiply with an effective saturation in the market. Keep a tight rein on your scheduling; you could easily miss an important message. Time for reinforcing structure. 
As you mentor, you will 
be mentored. Like Nike, 
just do it.

April 20–May 20

Support will emerge from the shadows. Don’t question timing, just run with it. A crash course comes from the work environment; realize new knowledge elevates your position. Who you know is essential, time to call in a favor. Ask, and you will get.

May 21–June 20

Retreat provides new power. Get away to acquire a fresh perspective. How can they miss you if you don’t go away? Graceful withdrawal will enhance your image. Business is earth — logic. Use water to make intuitive judgments, but don’t let it show. Just facts.

June 21–July 22

Utilizing the resources of strong alliances, a creative project forms with screaming potential. As long as you are not “beholden,” all systems are a go. When you are aware of the deep-desire nature of the target, ethics will always lead to the right decision.

July 23–Aug. 22

There is a healthy respect between your royal nature and the bravery of eccentrics. Unlikely friendships create a spark that is conception. Secret meetings are necessary to collect data. Be open to a spontaneous getaway, it will widen the horizon.

Aug. 23–Sept. 22

Analyze emotional reactive habit patterns that you have applied for many years. Notice where you require a different outcome and change your motivations. Use basic behavior modification and settle into a new way. Be ready for the blessings of “know thyself.”

Sept. 23–Oct. 22

You’re the most popular kid on the playground. The warning is excessiveness, overconfidence, and overexpansion. There is no good or bad; your reaction rules. Curb enthusiasm, be conservative, control the trajectory. You can win.

Oct. 23–Nov. 21

See the beauty and worth of a simple life. Downsize desires, and dreams are more realistic. A mentor awaits your awakening and a new level of investment in your future. You read minds 
but maybe they don’t. Communicate thoroughly.

Nov. 22–Dec. 21

In a Saturn year, you are wary of growth, because it means a lot more work. If you are comfortable with the delayed gratification, the reward will be expansive. You have all lecture materials, dive 
into the lab and apply. International relations 
add to a potent mix.

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