Rod Pacheco CEO

Experience Counts at Pacheco & Neach PC

The Irvine-based law firm excels in litigation and attaining positive outcomes for clients. Here, they discuss their experience and approach.

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Rod Pacheco CEO

Rod Pacheco, CEO.

Many lawyers are litigators, but few are experienced trial attorneys. True litigation is much more than paperwork and involves the unique ability to persuade a jury that your client’s cause is just.

The only way to hone that ability is through years of trial work, talking to juries, questioning witnesses, and touching the emotions and intellect of diverse jurors. Though many claim to do this, few truly can.

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Burke Strunsky, Attorney.

Burke Strunsky, of Pacheco & Neach PC, has been trying cases for decades. And most of those cases have been deep, visceral battles in complex cases against some of the best attorneys in California. Strunsky — a former prosecutor and then a Superior Court judge — handles civil litigation and white-collar criminal cases.

Pacheco & Neach PC is known for these litigation wars and for achieving successful outcomes for their clients that other firms cannot. Founded by Rod Pacheco after serving as a death penalty prosecutor, California legislator, and Riverside County District Attorney, the firm has long held clients because it delivers outcomes.

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