February 2017 Horoscopes

Sherryl Nova Horoscope


Feb. 19-March 20

Unexpected opportunities arise and you have to make instant decisions to shift course. A figurative “inheritance” reactivates a long-abandoned project. Realize you are now in the right time for accomplishment – not only for you but for many others. Set a precedent.

March 20–April 19
It’s a month of love received and goal achievement. Many projects coalesce and each contributes to your success. Networking is effective. Involve the group, but accomplish reconnaissance alone.

April 19–May 20
Use the easy anger that arises this month to refocus and identify your target. Seeing red is useful. The energy is an impetus to taking the power back. Defuse the situation by returning to the drawing board. Calm, controlled fire shifts wind and perspective.

May 20–June 20
A heated campaign produces a benevolent result. Your contribution is exactly what is required. Give it away without worries and it will return tenfold. Find yourself wallowing in self-concern? Help others. Be the Peter Pan you can be. 

June 20–July 22
Quiet collaboration with a like-minded ally shows how easy it can be. Represent the highest level of service and refuse to work for less than the best. Then turn around and invest in the best 
for yourself.

July 22–Aug. 22
Try a new health protocol and you will see amazing results. Listen to your body and draw your own conclusions. Skirmishes in the marketplace reveal an effective power base. Partners have connections they willingly share. One is 
a sure win. Persevere.

Aug. 22–Sept. 22
Current frustrations 
may come from too many options. Your job is to separate truth from illusion. Kill the wrong and realize death is part of the circle of life. Embrace the clean space that remains. Live emptily for a moment. Expect a miracle.

Sept. 22–Oct. 22
Activate your spirit and set goals as an emotional burden dissipates. “I will” is the mantra for you this month. Speculative ventures are viable. Young people are inspirational. Let the child in you out to play and you will discover a new level of peace.

Oct. 22–Nov. 21
Contemplate the universal laws of cause and effect. Positive philosophy 
is your strongest asset. Negativity blurs horizons that lead to the good. A financial bonus appears when you are able to aspire to it. Mastery of a subject demands that you share knowledge. Prepare.

Nov. 21–Dec. 21
Float an idea out into the world of professional contemporaries. You are 
in the same high cycle of achievement that you 
had in 1986–’87. Expect excitement and cooperation. Take responsibility for 
the outcome.

Dec. 21–Jan. 20
Stop and tend to yourself. They all need you, but an empty cup cannot quench. Gently, but firmly, tell them what they tell you on the plane. Put the mask on before you help others. Renew your spirit using metaphysical consciousness. Escape for a while to exhale. Meditate.

Jan. 20–Feb. 19
The immediate community has answers to a dilemma and welcomes your input with agreement and support. Siblings and neighbors are prominent. Great wisdom comes through everyday contacts. A short trip redirects perspective and, now, 
you can choose.

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