Golf Tip: How to Hit the Ball Farther

It's not how fast you swing - it's how you swing fast!

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VIDEO: Watch the video golf lesson below to learn a good drill to practice. It's not how fast you swing – it's how you swing fast!

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The New Year has arrived and if you’re like most, you are trying to make sure you hold true to your resolutions.

If playing better golf is on your to do list, here’s a tip that might start you in the right direction.

The most common request I have from students is “how can I hit the ball farther?”

Well, let’s see if we can make that happen.

There are several reasons the pros hit the ball a long way. Certainly, they possess a tremendous amount of club head speed, but more importantly, they move their body in an athletic manor.

A vast majority of you begin your downswing with a burst of speed causing your arms, hands and upper body to move excessively, which in turn causes your lower body to “freeze” or stabilize. This is not an athletic movement.

The downswing should start from the ground up. This means letting the downswing begin gradually and with low tension, allowing the swing to build speed as the club head approaches the ball rather than from the start.

When we do this, the lower body shifts to the left and rotates and the upper body, arms and hands follow. This allows your club head speed to be optimized at impact.


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