grayse coronavirus masks

Protection with Style

Wearing masks are going to be part of our lives for awhile, so Grayse on El Paseo has created a line that not only protect you but create a sense of style.

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grayse coronavirus masks

Face masks suddenly became part of our outfit in March with the coronavirus outbreak. Now it’s the new norm as the country comes to grips with the next phases of the pandemic. Grayse on El Paseo in Palm Desert offers a washable mask that emphasizes comfortable fabrics done with a sense of style.

This new accessory is intended to create a sense of security as a protective equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The mask kit includes a lavender coconut oil based antibacterial spray to keep your hands soft and supple. A purse size pack of tissue and an organza bag keeps your mask separated from the contents of the rest of your handbag.

These stylish and protective masks have been donated to essential business frontline workers at local restaurants and other local small business in the Coachella Valley. For consumers interested to purchase kits please contract Grayse on El Paseo.

For more information, call Grayse El Paseo at  760.773.3303 or email