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Financial Situations Make More Sense

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Expect significant recovery in the banking sector this month. Planets aligned with Earth provide the rationale.

It’s an excellent time to reorganize your personal financial systems and begin again to slowly build for the future. For personal services, e-mail me at sherrylnova@aim.com.

(May 21-Jun 20)
You are at a very objective time in your life. You know so much about so many and are involved in numerous levels. Stop. Who are you? Is there anybody there after the savage ride-along you’ve been on? You are probably sensing disapproval and even questioning from close allies. Listen and apply sound judgment
(Jun 21-Jul 22)
Phew! A month of financial ease after a long dry spell. Save the flush feelings for solitary moments. You would be best served by a group effort, where everyone is willing to lay aside the artistic in favor of the commercial. Tend to a budding business. Weed out non-essentials. Nurture.
(Jul 23-Aug. 22)
The war is within now. Unconscious habit patterns insist on compulsive consumerism. But has spending ever eased the pain? You are not what you have. In fact, what you have has you. Look at it and realize that whatever can’t fit in the safety deposit box is superfluous. Turn a garage sale into a savings bond. Invest in you.
(Aug. 23-Sept. 22)
After a few dark, lethargic weeks, your biorhythm sparks again. Get into the community and seek education with a congenial class. Interest in foreign cultures and international business can expand horizons and possibly options. Get in the streets and talk to everybody. Stay current with calls and e-mails. It’s in the wind. Listen.
(Sept. 23-Oct. 22)
Under the radar suits your purposes. There is power in withholding. Say no where yes might have been easier. Remove yourself from the fray and then take a good look. The vantage point of a remote perspective sheds light on the motivations behind alliances. Be ready to change your mind.
(Oct. 23-Nov. 21)
An organizational overhaul of even the sock drawer has you back on track with list-making and goal-setting. It is imperative that you impress a left-brain coalition with right-brained theories. Set a precedent by easing art into a climate of commerce. A brilliant plan requires a stodgy structure to protect it. Create the plain brown wrapper.
(Nov. 22-Dec. 21)
For the ubiquitous Archer, to be still is to stagnate. Yet it’s best to impersonate your brother, the peaceful Taurus, in the meadow. Don’t put his symbol in the banks for nothing. Consider your worth. Put the pennies in rolls and count coupons. A realistic overview of the fiscal situation narrows the focus and increases potential.
Capricorn  (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Spend wisely. Though you feel stretched to the limit, expenses now are really investments in a far richer future. Scrape it all together for a large outlay of precious capital. This will only be painful for a minute. Almost instantly, you will feel the healing benefits of a wise choice. March into hell for a heavenly cause. You will be so glad you did.
(Jan. 20-Feb. 18)
Real estate and its changing values attract you, and you should be able to rearrange some financials that will pay off down the line. You’re the bank this round of the Monopoly game, and you are not prevented from personal deposits. A family member may be a good investment in spite of the drama. A decision refocuses all.
(Feb. 19-Mar 20)
Though your sign can be ethereal, the last months have left you drained to your last nerve. The solution is so simple, but maybe not so easy. You have slipped into an unconscious concept that must be deleted for further progress. The glass is not half empty. It is half full. Has the universe abandoned you? Chill.
(Mar 21-Apr 19)
There’s a light ahead in the tunnel of success. Before you sprint toward it with a relentless attitude, notice a few potholes. The value systems of theirs are not your own, and there will be plenty of discussion down the road. The only mode that applies is slow, steady deliberation; a moratorium on spending; and a strong list of priorities. Do it.
(Apr 20-May 20)
The Bull is considered smart. A proponent of regulation, you knew the banks were in trouble when addition and subtraction were abandoned for more creative accounting. A wise CPA in La Jolla once said, “The business world is built on seventh grade math.” Stick with long division and reanimate goals based on sound figures. Produce.


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