The Good House

How The Good House in Desert Hot Springs Keeps It Local

The microresort has taken steps to uplift the Desert Hot Springs community and promote diversity in hiring practices.

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The Good House

A swimmer enjoys a dip at The Good House.

When Brian Edson and his business partner, David Shaker, closed escrow on The Good House in 2021, they did so with grand plans. Edson envisioned it as a cornerstone in efforts to rebrand Desert Hot Springs. 

Since opening the seven-room boutique hotel and spa, Edson has taken significant steps to establish his property and the Coachella Valley’s northernmost city as premier destinations for residents and visitors. 

Though he retained the prior owner’s business name, Edson’s changes for The Good House include the addition of a chef and restaurant services through a partnership with Temalpakh Farm, which is managed by the Augustine Band of Cahuilla Indians. He also opened a coffee bar on the property for guests.

Edson, 39, is especially excited about a new project that builds upon Desert Hot Springs’ reputation for abundant mineral springs.

“Our goal is to band all of the [local] hotels together to create what is called Wellness Week, similar to Modernism Week,” he says. “We need our calling card for the city. Desert Hot Springs is known as Spa City. We are known for our water; we have the best water in the world. It behooves us to lean into that.”

What sets The Good House apart from other hotels?

Once you’re there, you feel like you’re in this oasis. [The Good House] is not a party place. Our draw is a place to connect and find the opportunity to center yourself. It’s a getaway, a true vacation. We needed a place that was sort of a one-stop shop. Once you check in, we want you to forget your car is there. 

Why did you partner with Temalpakh Farm?

It’s important for us to support local and to support small businesses. Our chef prides himself on being able to use local fare to create our menu. It’s always what’s fresh. It’s important to get that farm-to-table experience for our guests. We’re about health. 

Brian Edson

Brian Edson, co-owner of The Good House in Desert Hot Springs, aims to build and uplift the local community.

You’ve said you prioritize diversity and inclusivity at The Good House. How?

We make it a point to make sure all guests feel welcome in our space. Our staff is diverse and represents various cultures, upbringings, and backgrounds. We also are very supportive of our local communities and donate to local organizations as a show of our support. I come from a very philanthropic family that has influenced us to give back where we can, to support our local community. That’s the cloth I was cut from. We want everyone to come [to The Good House]. This is my point about wellness: It’s for everybody.