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Redhanded’s Handcuff Clutch

Like secret agents keeping valuable documents in briefcases handcuffed to their wrists, women can keep the contents of their purses (i.e., charge cards, lipstick, mace) especially close at hand with Redhanded’s Handcuff Clutch. The 11×6.5×4-inch bag (available with or without a heart appliqué and made from biodegradable faux leather) features a genuine Smith & Wesson handcuff (in stainless steel). The $130 price, of course, includes a key.

Solade Concepts of Corona has created a customizable cabana with eight solar power panels that can produce 1,650 watts an hour — enough to power appliances (think blender), ceiling fans, and plasma-screen televisions. A fire-resistant layer of fabric obscures the occupants’ view of the solar panels and allows air to circulate, cooling the panels and the cabana interior. Source: Specialty Fabrics Review,

The country’s first “gourmet bottled water” store has opened in Carmel. Fine H2O Boutique sells premium bot-tled waters by the bottle and the case, including a mixed case of waters selected by Michael Mascha, author of Fine Waters: A Connoisseur’s Guide to the World’s Most Distinctive Bottled Waters. Fine H2O’s inventory also includes seasonal offerings such as “waters for spring.” Additional boutiques are planned for 2010 in New York and Philadelphia.

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