Madame Blue Jay

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Jannette Jay Laulainen

Team Members:
Franco Polo
Celine Vallejos

Project Contributors:
Egg & Dart, Ltd.
Phillip Jeffries, Ltd.
Walker Zanger

Janette is a design partner at Franco Polo Design Group. With her team members, she selected the Art Deco style as it represents the amalgamation of the cultural blend into an art form with it’s simplicity, curvilinear lines, and shapes. 

Madam Blue Jay, represents the Art Deco Era by implementing very simplistic traditional lines with a movement of freedom by including the metal accessories. Also color for Madam Blue Jay is essential, it represents freedom and beginning of Spring.  The cane represents that there is no obstacle for Madam Blue Jay to move forward in life, she represents the "Blossom of Life."  The use of materials are silk by Vervain,  Japanese paperweave by Phillip Jeffries Ltd, and metallisimo metal by Walker Zanger.

Photography by Gerry Maceda and Adrianne Bonafede

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