March 2017 Horoscopes

March 2017 Horoscopes

Sherryl Nova Horoscope

March 2017 Horoscopes

March 20–April 19
Your subconscious is superactive; your impulsive reactions can be deceiving. 
This can be great if you maintain a contemplative mood, 
but Sturm und Drang is not 
your friend. Cultivate serenity,
 spend time on your dream, 
and expect the miracle.

April 19–May 20
Understanding between intimates is strained, as you are a few pages ahead, upping your involvement and stimulating progress. Expect nothing; this part of the job is yours alone. Alliances reignite soon with more self-awareness on your part.

May 20–June 20
Recent acceptance of responsibility should be reconsidered, as more should be involved, and a group will create the needed impetus. You are truly only two contacts away from a goal. Look at your network as a mathematical grid and the light goes on.

June 20–July 22
Whenever alone, you are able to be in prayer. Make sure your thought patterns support the spiritual life. Home is your cathedral; honor the space as sacred. You are conjuring the miracle. Hard work transforms an ordinary day into a milestone moment.

July 22–Aug. 22
Polish the perception of your project. Take time out to acknowledge support with love and a generous token of your affections. Exciting new energy must morph into a logical system. Fire must change to earth. Core values must be applied for you to know that it’s real.

Aug. 22–Sept. 22
A chaotic cacophony of opinions is exciting, but it all needs to quiet down and let some cosmic bean counters make a workable plan. A master of arithmetic has answers — more simple than it seems. Delay gratification to turbo results. Be smart.

Sept. 22–Oct. 22
Rapid acceleration of the abundance factor is thrilling but also telling. Obtaining what was desired for so long is sweet but also empty. Have you experienced the joy you expected? Are you ready for a bigger, more meaningful quest? First, have gratitude.

Oct. 22–Nov. 21

The tattoo of the eagle should read “Living Well Is the Best Revenge.” Their reaction to your success is irrelevant. Providing opportunities for others is the ultimate satisfaction. Be magnanimous. You can afford it.

Nov. 21–Dec. 21
One who is an expert on law is the right support and should be retained. Crucial decisions should be made soon, and a perception demanding balance ups the ante. You have all the ingredients. Refine the cooking instructions and power is yours..

Dec. 21–Jan. 20
Your usual pragmatic management skills are not enough to finish the job. Yet you must work less, not more. Put energy on the spiritual angle. An inner release of banal desire will open the sky and rain down blessings. Don’t sweat the small; keep eyes on the big.

Jan. 20–Feb. 19
Be comforted by a community with unquestioning loyalty. Local outreach is the solution to delays. Drive 120 miles to clear your head. One degree of latitude brings mental clarity. Casual talks hold a cosmic clue. Listen more and it is revealed.

Feb. 19–Mar. 20
From mystic to warrior in a couple of weeks can be daunting when it’s conscious. If you sleep or dream through it you will wake clear and ready. What is so necessary for your evolution is also a message for the masses. How to lead? A quiet example is the best.

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