norma castaneda fidelis health group

Norma Castaneda, MBA – Vision 2022

COO, Fidelis Health Group, and founder of HR Advantage and Entrepreneur.

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norma castaneda fidelis health group

Recognized as an innovative business development and operations strategist, Norma Castaneda thrives on leading operational efficiency improvements, project planning, and generating rapid revenue growth for her clients. She leverages a robust talent network, resolves mission critical issues, creates value for stakeholders, and develops emergent companies.

As COO for the Latino-owned Fidelis Health Group, Castaneda has dramatically enhanced critical care patient outcomes by providing 24/7 access to bilingual clinicians, securing supply chain integration, cohesive compliance, insurance claims assistance, coordination of home nursing services, and quality-measure assurance leading to earning URAC accreditation. Simultaneously, she led the company to an unprecedented revenue growth of $50 million annually.

Her background in HR, executive coaching, and operational management has rendered her a game-changing expert. As COO, she ensures the team has an engaging support system with synergy and career growth. Her leadership transfers 
to patient retention. “I love seeing immobile patients walk again as they benefit from our resources and 

As an entrepreneur, Castaneda founded HR Advantage in 2011 to help companies like Fidelis Specialty Pharmacy maximize their potential and bottom line. Her HR outsourcing company has morphed into a full-service business management firm. “Our specialists and strategists work with struggling businesses and inspire start-ups by developing their HR, operations, marketing, accounting, and revenue-growing backbone,” Castaneda explains. Recently, HR Advantage was selected as a Top 10 HR Consulting Company by Manage HR magazine.

Castaneda has led C-suite executives to success across divergent industries including healthcare, hospitality, biopharma, medical groups, private aviation, non-profits, and real estate developments. “We align the operational road map with their goals and fine-tune their structure and processes so they can start to see profits roll in. Just as Fidelis patients flourish under the pharmacy’s specialized services, so do the businesses that take advantage of the full scope of services HR Advantage provides.”

• VIDEO: Norma Castaneda speaks on how her skill base works for her clients' best interest.