October 2020 Horoscopes

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libra: Sept. 23–Oct. 22

A domestic problem is handled, and it provides the impetus to jump into the war zones with your best armor: negotiation. In selecting top-of-the-line services, you are prepared for confrontation. Ignore opposition, as it destroys itself. Test new alliances for success.



Scorpio: Oct. 23–Nov. 21

New insights into your character make you more effective with information warfare. Use psychology as your lethal weapon. Look at all responses and create a manageable response by understanding human nature. Online organizations add positivity. Search.

Sagittarius: Nov. 22–Dec. 21

Overhaul your values. An outcome you’ve been longing for will be locked until you change your perspective. What you have wished for has outlived its worth. A lighter, happier outlook forms as you chant a new mantra, “That was then, this is now.” 
See obvious wealth.

Capricorn: Dec. 22–Jan. 19

Work closely with mentors, ask and rely on insights. A systemic plan of attack will work. Realize you are not so much psychic as you are good at simply deducing what comes next. Common sense is raging. Take it slow. The next 60 days hold solutions.

Aquarius: Jan. 20–Feb. 18

In the last two weeks of the year, the Aquarian Age intensifies. Darkness is deep now, but soon it will be uncovered and many will join your understanding. Use this time to prepare for a complete change. It will be so much better. You are coming into your light.

Pisces: Feb. 19–March 20

An Aries Mars distresses the fish as the battles that lie ahead threaten your peace of mind. Winning lets go of the status quo and will help you to understand, not merely build the castles. See a different star, and know you have gained a new life.

Aries: March 21–April 19

Mars madness consumes you. All systems are go — yet all is chaos. Be especially aware of the effectiveness of physical workouts. This sharpens the mind for motivation and focus, as old ways must end. Choose battles wisely. Conscious action ensures success.

Taurus: April 20–May 20

Spiritual anger must be sated. The solutions are simple but not easy. First, attack the obvious reactions. Diplomacy is useless; others do not hear. Make a decisive ban on selfishness (and those who practice it). Service to others will save you. Act now.

Gemini: May 21–June 20

Don’t be afraid to leave the group and go off on your own. Rattling bushes like a Boy or Girl Scout will give you a leadership of self that solves major problems. Sometimes, the usual group is a block to fast justice. Act on principles.

Cancer: June 21–July 22

Rich in resources, you are now able to attain a new level of security. Many options do not involve money, yet they are priceless. Don’t hesitate to ask. Shared information is crucial to a goal of fully understanding the situation. A friend — or friend 
of a friend — has it.

Leo: July 23–Aug. 22

Trim the pride, big kitty. You will be so much more seductive to others when you are surrounded by quality, not quantity. Travel lean and low. Do more listening than talking. What you learn is essential to success. It’s not quite a battle, but you should ready the troops.

Virgo: Aug. 23–Sept. 22

Hi, earth month. Rely on your own assessment, analysis, and administration for a personal objective. Use a trusted system and discern what is valuable. Be responsible for structuring events according to your timing. Act like the CEO of your world. Rock on!

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