Palm Springs Lit 101

These 7 books are essential for any local, self-respecting coffee table

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Decorated with golf courses, swimming pools, palm trees, and countless examples of midcentury modern architecture against a breathtaking desert backdrop, our local scenery translates beautifully onto the printed page.

This small sampling is just a taste of the books celebrating the city’s star-studded history, art, design, architecture, and fabulous way of life.

Palm Springs Paradise
by Peter Moruzzi, $30.
Just Fabulous;

Modernism Rediscovered
by Julius Shulman $39.99.
Paul Kaplan Group inside Raymond-Lawrence;

The Good Life • Palm Springs
by Nancy Baron, $50.
Just Modern;   

Steel and Shade: The Architecture of Donald Wexler
by Bricker & Williams;
Palm Springs Art Museum, $50.
Paul Kaplan Group inside Raymond-Lawrence;

Backyard Oasis
Edited by Daniell Cornell;
Palm Springs Art Museum, $60.
Palm Springs Art Museum:  

Palm Springs Modern Living
by James Schnepf,
$40. Greetings;

Palm Springs Modern: Houses in the California Desert
Text by Adele Cygelman, Foreword by Joseph Rosa, and Photography by David Glomb, $40.
Just Modern;

The Desert Modernists: The Architects Who Envisioned Midcentury Modern Palm Springs
Edited by Stewart Weiner, $50.
Modernism Week;

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