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Sequins, Clutches, Totes Highlight Fall 2012

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Lani Garfield

Now that the designers' collections have made their Spring/Summer 2013 debut on the runways of New York and most of Europe, make some high priority decisions about what to wear for the Fall and Winter.

If you could buy only one item that shows you are aware of the current trends, it should be something with lace or leather.  These two textures just scream, "chic, sophisticated, and fashion forward."

A black leather skirt that fits perfectly or a lace blouse would be a wonderful update to some of the other pieces in your wardrobe.  I've seen leather dresses in the stores already that would be very versatile when worn with boots or tights and a great pump.

There are also many sweaters with leather sleeves or with lace inserts.

See how easy that was?

The decision on accessories is also an easy one this season.  Look for a great and interesting clutch with texture — animal skins, such as lizard, faux calf or patent leather — in a color that doesn't match your outfits.  Blues, yellows, and nile greens accent your basics, such as black, grey, taupe, brown and navy blue.

Clutches often don't leave you with much room for your phone, wallet and make-up.  If that's an issue, get yourself a great looking tote to work with the clutch.  Stow away your items in the bigger bag and carry the clutch while dining or "bending one's elbow"

An extra bonus — take a look at this wonderful short sequin jacket from Saks Fifth Avenue to update your dressier looks from last season or to wear with jeans this season.

We've given you two ideas on upgrading your fashion status, and there are so many more tips to share.

Not sure what to wear to an event or where to find it?  I can find most of the answers right here in the desert and would love to help.

Is that the right silhouette or color for you?? You'll get an honest answer from this side.
Is a particular item in your closet out of style? Show us a picture and we'll let you know if it's ready for the historical museum.
Looking for something in particular? We know where to send you to find it.

Check back for great gift ideas, too!

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