PSST – What’s Under the Hood, Al DiMora?

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Al DiMora’s lair in an inconspicuous Palm Springs industrial park holds many marvels of innovation. From Batman’s car (from the 1992 film Batman Returns) to an armored and armed spec vehicle for the U.S. Border Patrol, a fantastic story roars in every engine. Curious about his latest projects, Palm Springs Life found him in his element: hovering over a computer screen, imagining the possibilities.

What’s on the front burner?
We’re working on several projects. We’re building a high-tech luxury super-sedan called the Natalia SLS2. It has a 16-cylinder, 1,200-horsepower engine and more than 50 computers. It will cost $2 million.

Last year, we launched DiMora Custom Bikes to build custom motorcycles with incredible power and detail and with the best materials.

How do you determine which projects get your time and resources?
I ask, ‘What’s lacking?’ Those are the needs we try to meet. I have no shareholders to answer to. I answer to the marketplace.

What new technologies will you bring to these projects?

We determine what will be ideal, and we partner with companies that specialize in those technologies. We have cool leathers that never get hot, heated windshield wipers [to clear snow and ice], the super-light D-Tek chassis, and smart glass that you can darken [as the sun glows brighter]. I partner with only U.S. companies.

How do you get the word out?
Our Web site [] and DiMora TV are set up for education. You can watch the design, manufacture, and test of the Natalia and learn about our technology partners. We also want to do a reality show where we’ll build one-off, custom theme motorcycles.

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