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How Sweet It Is!

From Secret Santa gifts to New Year’s Eve treats, See’s Candies make holidays in the desert a little sweeter.

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sees candies
Nothing says Happy New Year like a glass of champagne and a bite size truffle. See's Candies has an array of creative flavors including Cranberry Orange (left) and Pumpkin Pie Truffle.

I’m not going to lie — I hadn’t stepped foot inside a See’s Candies shop since I went on a fourth-grade Girl Scout field trip and learned how they made butterscotch Lollypops —mesmerizing! Though See’s was one of my favorite stores as a child, I’ve been nibbling on drugstore candies (and wondering why my life was incomplete) ever since. Decades later, I enter the See’s Candies on Palm Canyon Drive, am offered a free chocolate sample (each guest is greeted with one), and suddenly all is right in the world again.

The See’s Candies in Palm Springs is a little more magical than other candy stores. It has been sweetly serving the community for more than 60 years (take note of the original accents like those midcentury light fixtures that I’m secretly obsessing over). The shop is masterly organized into holiday categories, box sizes, See’s Classics, and even a section just for sugar-free treats. There are more than 100 varieties of candy packed into this adorable black-and-white boutique.

See’s is not just ho-hum dark and milk chocolate, but unique creations filled with vibrant seasonal tastes like pecan pie, pumpkin pie, blueberry, cherry, apricot, and cranberry orange. The beautifully wrapped boxes and single-item packaging makes the candies perfect for holiday gift giving, whether you are stressing about a sub-$10 Secret Santa gift, a tasty hostess gift, Hanukkah treats, or something to help toast the New Year. Here are a few possibilities.

Host/Hostess Gift

Arriving to a holiday party empty-handed is a social felony. Wine can be tricky, as quality and preferences vary so widely. But the Poinsettia Keepsake Tin ($26.30) has something for everyone, with an irresistible assortment of 25 pieces of nuts, caramels, soft centers, egg-nog truffles (decorated with candy poinsettias), and more, perfectly packed in a collectible tin. Another option: The 1-pound Bundles of Bliss ($40) is perfect for setting out for guests after dinner. The box comes in two different assortments: chocolates or nuts and chews.


Arrive to the party carrying this tasty tin and the host/hostess with gleam with holiday cheer. This keepsake tin features 25 pieces of mouthwatering candies and chocolates.

Secret Santa

You’re not allowed to spend more than $10. So what to do? Christmas Candy Bars ($8) features four bars (two solid milk chocolate, one milk chocolate with toffee nuggets, and one dark chocolate with almonds) in Christmas-tree packaging with a gold elastic bow.


The perfect Secret Santa gift for under $10. Features four chocolate bars - two bars of solid milk chocolate, one milk chocolate with toffee nuggets, one dark chocolate with almonds.

The Break Room Gift

It’s always nice to treat your co-workers at the holidays, but it can be expensive to hand out individual gifts. See’s has boxes of assorted chocolates perfect for sharing. The festive Holiday Holly Box ($23.75), printed in holly leaves and a red ribbon, contains more than two-dozen pieces of chocolate, fruit truffles, cashew brittle, caramel, and molasses chips. Or, if you’re the boss of the world’s best employees, spring for the Winter Trees Gift Pack ($179.25), See’s best and biggest pack, featuring more than 8 pounds of candy. You’ll find everything from assorted chocolates, peanut brittle, truffles, nuts and chews to molasses chips, peppermints, almond royal, and assorted Lollypops. Other options of various sizes include The Festive Ornaments Gift Pack ($118.75), The Merry Christmas Gift Pack ($87.95), and the See’sons Greetings Gift Pack ($52.35).

Hanukkah Table

Light the menorah and set the table with a beautiful assortment of candies for the whole family. The Hanukkah Gift Pack (42.60) comes seasonally wrapped and decorated in blue organza ribbon. It features assorted Lollypops, peanut brittle, Hanukkah gold coins and candy bars, and assorted Little Pops. Loving the Lollypops? There’s also a box of them in a Hanukkah-themed sleeve ($19.75) and a tasty box of classic Hanukkah peanut brittle ($20.35).

Stocking Stuffers

The Mini Assortment ($6.70) was made to stuff a stocking. You’ll find six pieces of dark and milk chocolates in a holiday red box with a gold See’s Candies logo. Or treat their stockings to Milk Chocolate Santas — they come in a 24-pack ($33.60) — also perfect for teachers to hand out to students.

Kids’ Gifts

A pop inside an ornament? The Christmas Lollypops six-pack ($13.50) has three chocolate and three butterscotch treats sealed individually in tin ornaments adorned in Santa and holly wreaths.

A Gift for Grandma

The Christmas Memories Box ($36.40) will have Grandma smothering you with kisses and hugs. The tin has a winter-scape design featuring cozy log cabins, a large Christmas tree, and an old-fashioned See’s Candies truck. Inside are 33 chocolates, including brittles, truffles, nuts, chews.

Ring in the New Year

There’s nothing fancier or more festive than truffles. See’s golden boxes (1 pound, $22.50; half-pound, $11.25) are the perfect treat to toast 2018 — and get a sugar rush before you have to swear off sweets for the month of January.


An assortment including Pecan Pie truffle.

See’s Candies, 144 S. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs. 760-325-6211;