September 2023 Sky Watch

Sky Watch: See Three Bright Stars Overhead

Throughout September, turn your eyes to the sky after dark to get a glimpse of the Summer Triangle.

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September 2023 Sky Watch

Around 8 p.m. throughout the month of September, Coachella Valley residents and visitors can view a great set of stars directly overhead. The Summer Triangle should stand out nicely on a clear night with Altair to the south, Deneb to the northeast, and Vega to the northwest. Each is the brightest star in its respective constellation: Aquila, Cygnus, and Lyra.

The hazy band of the Milky Way stretches through the Summer Triangle from the southwest, so even if the faint glow of our home galaxy is not apparent, the Summer Triangle can still help you get your bearings on a galactic scale.

Each month, Rancho Mirage Library and Observatory astronomer Eric McLaughlin spotlights a notable celestial event. For information about the observatory, visit