Spring Into Color

Stones of certain shades exude timely style

Lawrence Karol El Paseo 0 Comments

Color Me Obsessed is the name of a documentary about the alternative rock band The Replacements. It could also describe how you’ll feel after seeing the rich colors in so many pieces at Gail Jewelers in The Gardens on El Paseo. “Color in jewelry is a great way to make an outfit more exciting,” says Ruth Levy, who runs the Palm Desert showroom. “It lifts your spirits and changes the way you feel. You can put on a colored necklace with your old diamond jewelry, and it changes the look of everything. All you need is one or two pieces to spruce up your whole wardrobe.”

While different colors embody seasons or particular trends, certain stones — turquoise or corals, for example — always represent the desert climate and lifestyle. “For fall, jewel tones are more in fashion, and pastels are popular in spring,” Levy says. “But this year, spring colors are more of a mixture between brighter colors, pastels, and really gorgeous shades of orange, pale pink, and a vibrant green and blue.”

Deciding what to wear with all these options is easier than you might think. “You don’t want to wear a purple outfit with purple jewelry,” Levy says. “There’s nothing interesting about it. There’s no dimension.”

Gail Jewelers designs all of its jewelry, ensuring each piece represents the individual who wears it.

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