sky watcher star tours

Lovin’ It

Valentine’s Day in the desert — or any day, for that matter — will be lovely if you treat yourself to these local indulgences.

Catherine Downes Attractions, Current Guide

sky watcher star tours

Sky Watcher Star Tours offers the comforts of home for this outdoor viewing party.


Don’t wait for a significant (or insignificant) other to surprise you with a striking bouquet of fresh blooms. Instead, head to Hermano inside Mojave Flea Trading Post in Palm Springs and shower yourself in roses, tulips, and more. The arrangements are whimsical yet thoughtfully assembled with every stem attentively placed to create a luscious spectrum of color.


Order those special flowers from Hermano inside Mojave Flea Trading Post.


There’s something about straddling an ATV that makes everything else fade into the background — that exhilarating feeling of the wind against your face as you hit the gas and forget that you wasted the last two years of your life on somebody who didn’t even bother to learn your middle name. At Off Road Rentals in North Palm Springs, cruise the sands of the private stretch of desert and leave romance in the dust.



If it didn’t work out with that Tinder match, grab your friends, stare at the stars, and bask in the radiance knowing that there are countless options out there. Sky Watcher Star Tours offers two-hour-long stargazing adventures in the High Desert with blankets, pillows, chairs, binoculars, a telescope with computerized tracking, and picnic basket filled with yummy snacks.


Get to know your wine at Dead or Alive.


Swirling a glass of full-bodied petite sirah over a mound of dark chocolate cake that you’re splitting with your hot date is fun. But you know what’s also fun? Grabbing a seat at Dead or Alive Bar + Shop and learning about what you’re sipping from one of the experts behind the bar. At the dimly lit South Palm Springs bar, you’ll be exposed to an array of small-production, natural, and organic wines.


Whether your love life has been in the gutter since sixth grade or you’re looking for some direction to keep you from dating yet another deadbeat, the intuitives at Crystal Fantasy in downtown Palm Springs are happy to guide you. Schedule an appointment and embrace the future. While you’re there, grab yourself a love candle. It can’t hurt.


At the adults-only Azure Palm Hot Springs in Desert Hot Springs, choose from 30 services, including custom massages, body wraps, mineral spring water pools, yoga and juice fasting retreats, and the only Himalayan salt room in the Coachella Valley. Stay overnight in one of the luxury suites, soak in a private tub, and feel the stress melt away as you connect with the most important person in your life — yourself.