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Founder and Principal, Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc.

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Amy Grubb, Founder and Principal, Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc.
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To recruit or develop talent — that is the question for Amy Grubb of Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc.

Either way, she says, you have to look for the core values and talents in the people you hire. “You have to be able to see their raw potential and then invest the time and the tools in them to bring that potential out in them.”

Grubb, who has worked in the Human Capital Management field for almost 20 years, has consulted with businesses in a broad range of industries, from aerospace and defense to pharmaceuticals to high-tech manufacturing and many others.

Her firm sells, implements, and supports SuccessFactors™ Talent Management software for companies of all sizes. “A lot of companies struggle because they have no process or system to manage their most important asset: their people,” Grubb says. “We can provide that.”

The software helps employers identify key talent and determine how to develop employees to help them rise to the next level and feel fulfilled in their career.

“What distinguishes Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc. from our competitors is our team — our time in the industry and time implementing the SuccessFactors tool, but also our approach to consulting,” Grubb says. “I’ve been working with SuccessFactors for more than eight years, which is more time than most people in my industry. And we focus on the process, not the technology — that’s the key.”

Grubb launched Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc. three years ago in Orange County after the software company SAP had acquired SuccessFactors. She moved to the Coachella Valley to help her parents and ultimately stayed for the advantages she found in living here.  And now she’s focusing on helping small businesses in the Coachella Valley.

“I have clients with in excess of 100,000 employees and I have clients that have 25 employees and everywhere in between,” she says. “Employees are a business’ biggest asset, but it takes time and it takes money and resources to develop them,” she says. “The software and the services that we provide make it easier.”


VIDEO: Amy Grubb, Founder and Principal, Cloud Consulting Partners, Inc.


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