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Bighorn Properties has been an unmatched resource for buyers and sellers since the inception of Bighorn Golf Club, having successfully negotiated more than $2.4 billion in property sales. “We’ve been very fortunate that Bighorn has appealed to so many people,” says Carl Cardinalli, vice president of development/sales director.

Bighorn Properties features four professional sales associates, each with an average of more than 18 years experience exclusively at Bighorn. With Cardinalli, they represent a combined 85 years of team expertise that has contributed to the growth and quality of one of the world’s premier communities and golf clubs. Since 1990, this dedicated and passionate office has been open daily, year-round, to serve listing clients, accommodate prospective buyers, and assist outside agents.

“We’ve been involved in over 96 percent of all Bighorn sales,” Cardinalli says. He credits the team’s stability and desire to provide buyers with a firsthand glimpse of Bighorn’s unique lifestyle and exceptional amenities. As part of Bighorn’s 315 employees, they work collaboratively to maintain the community’s value and enhance every owner’s life experience.

Bighorn does not exist in isolation; it supports and contributes to the well-being of the Coachella Valley. “There’s a ripple effect,” Cardinalli explains, “from Bighorn employees who are all valley residents to our 430-plus residential families who support local services, businesses, and culture. We’re fortunate to have a growing membership and ownership that is comprised of self-made individuals. They haven’t forgotten their roots.” In fact, they’ve given back to the greater community in extraordinary ways by contributing $35 million to Eisenhower Medical Center and millions more to schools and other community causes.

The addition of so many new members and owners to Bighorn enhances the camaraderie within the community while contributing to the economic, cultural, and philanthropic betterment of Palm Desert and the entire Coachella Valley. Bighorn Properties will continue its focus — Bighorn is all they do!

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